Classic Sets: Blondie

Friday, March 8

Blondie ‘Parallel Lines’ and Greatest Hits performed by Blondie Explodes.


Making a stand for female singers in the 1970’s, Debbie Harry flaunted sex appeal, raw power, talent and attitude. Directly influenced by rock icon Suzie Quatro, she went on to form Blondie, one of the biggest underground bands in the late 70’s with guitarist Chris Stein.

Stepping out of the New York punk rock scene with a bang and dominating the pop-landscape on a whole new level soon after, Blondie brought a rawness to the music industry; a sense of urgency in their musical roots that was infused with punk-rock gems that went on to influence decades of artists. Embracing disco beats and the new-wave movement, Blondie were quick to become a pop-minded music sensation. Breathing catchy hooks into hit after hit, lead singer Debbie Harry led her band to become a world class pop group with a style that was unique, flavoursome and oh so addictive.

Blondie Explodes is the formation of various iconic Perth musicians that are in fact polar opposites, yet once faced with Blondie music, jelled!

Expect a night of classic hits and iconic songs:
Heart of glass, 11.59, Atomic, Sunday Girl, Call Me, I Want That Man to name a few.

Friday March 8th is geared up to be an explosive night at The Newport Hotel Fremantle.