Classic Sets Pearl Jam 2018 CLASSIC

Classic Sets: Pearl Jam

Sunday, September 23


👑This long weekend The Brown Study Band will be serving up Classic Sets of Pearl Jam’s 25 years (of evolution baby) at the Newport Hotel with songs hand picked to get you celebrating the MONDAY your having OFF!

🙈”Close your eyes and it’s like being there” The Brown Study Band return to Freo for one Sunday night only on the 23rd of September to shares 25 years of Pearl tunes with the faithful. This is a must for any Pearl Jam fan “The closest you will get”. Ask any loyal PJ fan who has been along to this salute performance by The Brown Study Band, and they’ll tell you openly that this is most authentic tribute to Pearl Jam, and Eddy Vedder’s unique vocals they’ve seen.

⏰ Sunday 23 September 2018

🚪Doors Open 6pm

🎶at The Newport Hotel we host great performances of all the CLASSIC SETS🎶

😍Enjoy the $15 SUNDAY SPECIAL!
👉Herb infused lamb shoulder served with a warm root vegetable salad

🍺makes sense to add a $7.50 pint of Great Southern Super Crisp to top it off!