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Classic Sets: Thin Lizzy

Thursday, December 6

🙌Thin Lizzy’s JAILBREAK🙌
😈performed by The Voodoo Rhythm Devils

⏰Thursday the 6th of December



To open up Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak album, is to plunge joyfully into the Rock fantasy world of Dimension 5, and the breakout uprising against the evil Overlord! You didn’t need Facebook or a smartphone in the days of great gatefold album art and liner notes. All you needed was a record player and a band that melded heartfelt classic rock with comic books and the myths of old.

In 1975, and Phil Lynott led his rebel gang into the studio to create a record that would define Hard Rock, and set the bar high creating a concept album delivering soulful rock and roll with a primal yet precise attack!

Thin Lizzy combined Lynott’s tales of working class heroes, romantics and swashbuckling adventurers, with an iconic twin lead guitar approach and thundering drums, that became their signature sound.

The opening punch of the title track with its dynamic riffs and sirens, puts you straight into the action. The battle-cry Celtic rock of Emerald, the rodeo ridin’ blues of Cowboy Song and the never bettered call and response of The Boys Are Back In Townwont fail to have you singin’ along, and make most of us wish we born in a different time and place.

Breakout down to the Newport Hotel for a dedicated crusade thru Thin Lizzy’s masterpiece, performed by some of Perth’s best hard rockers. If you love this album as much as they do, you cannot miss hearing it song for song, played loud, live, and dangerous!

And when the final notes of the album come crashing down, hold tight for another full encore set of Lizzy classics! Do not miss the Voodoo Rhythm Devils delivering one of the best Rock albums ever made!

…Tonight there’s gonna be a Jailbreak!…

🚪Doors Open 7:30pm

🎶at The Newport Hotel we host great performances of all the CLASSIC SETS🎶