Spring summer 17 ONLINE

Record Club Roadshow

Thursday, November 9

The Original. The Best. The Only…
Showcasing leading musicians, live on stage playing tribute to a diverse range of bands and classic albums.
Spring / Summer Season 2017″
Thursday November 9: ‘Jesus Christ Posse’ perform Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger.
Thursday November 16: ‘The Earthmovers’ featuring Helen Shanahan and Elliot Smith perform Carole King / Tapestry
Thursday November 23: ‘The Black Shuckers’ perform The Darkness / Permission To Land 
Thursday November 30: ‘Human Highway’ featuring David Hyams and Rose Parker perform Neil Young / Harvest
Thursday December 7: ‘The Charmless Men’ featuring Stu (Eskimo Joe), Jono (Karnivool), Steve Parkin and Nic Johnsson perform Blur / Parklife
Thursday December 14: Little Lord Street Band perform Johnny Cash / June Carter Duets


Thursday December 20 the Record Club Christmas Jamboree VOL 2.
‘Dead Flowers’ perform Rolling Stones / Exile on Main Street