Gunners + Poisonus poster @ Newport POSTER

80’s Rock – Gunners + Poison Us

Friday, March 6

Playing with Poison was tough in the early days. When we shared a gig, onstage they’d announce a party back at their place after the show, and we’d go on and play to 7 people ‘cos the crowd went with ’em” – Slash, Metal Hammer magazine, 1990.

But on this night, you’d be mad to leave… because you’ll already be at the only party that matters in March 2020.

In the late 80’s, Guns N’ Roses were matched only by Poison in popularity and #1 hits, both bands ruling the Sunset Strip with neon and leather.

Two amazing tributes to these acts are teaming up and it will be a rare occasion to celebrate an amazing period in rock decadence.

From the familiar strains of Sweet Child O’ Mine to the comfortably perfect Every Rose has its Thorn, through the fist-pumping thrust of You Could be Mine to the glitzy nostalgia of Fallen Angel, this double night of shows will be one of the Tribute events of the year.

Perth’s own Gunners show needs no introduction, and anyone who’s seen them will tell you they’re more Gn’R than even Gn’R are these days – and they headline 2 shows with very special guests Australia’s own absolutely rocking Poison Tribute kings, Poizon’Us – The Australian Poison Tribute Show.. coming all the way from Sydney to give you what you’ve been missing since… well, since Poison were last here!